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I hope everyone’s still all aboard the remake train, because the film industry certainly still is. In fact, they’re so all aboard the remake train that they forgot to buy tickets for any other form of transportation; the innovative new horror film plane is sitting in its hanger, sad, lonely, and totally unused. So we’re […]

I was excited to hear that Fox is looking to reboot The Fantastic 4, because it neatly reaffirms everything that I imagine I know about the film industry. And that boils down to this: when something works, fucking do it all the time! I hate to blame people that have good ideas and execute them […]



Have you ever headbutted someone?

It’s Willem Dafoe’s birthday today. I love Willem Dafoe. To be fair, I have an abiding affection for nearly all peculiar character actors, but Willem’s firmly on a special level, reserved for people whose first appearance on-screen in any movie makes me point happily at the screen like an idiot and yell, “Hey! Hey…!” You […]

There was an interesting article in the New York Times this morning, which vigorously laments the lack of strong women in the spotlight during both the coming Summer action-movie blitz and in the more general firmament of “cool” movie roles. I come down half-agreeing with Dargis(the article’s author) on this one, and half shamefully, irrationally […]