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I’m usually pretty hesitant to get into any sort of political debate; there’s almost zero chance of ever coming out of such a conversation without being angry and having just socked somebody in the jaw. That said, there are two great pieces I’ve read this morning: one on the myth of American small town life […]

1) Hillary Clinton done lost her damn mind. 2) It’s a good thing that Keith Olbermann doesn’t have easy access to a flamethrower. See below.

Politics 101


It’s primary night; all across the country, families are gathered around televisions in their living rooms, excitedly glued to network coverage of the results from Texas, Ohio, Vermont, and Rhode Island.  In my apartment, we excitedly celebrate by locking ourselves in our rooms, masturbating, and falling asleep.  U-S-A!  U-S-A! I do watch a lot of […]