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I hope everyone’s still all aboard the remake train, because the film industry certainly still is. In fact, they’re so all aboard the remake train that they forgot to buy tickets for any other form of transportation; the innovative new horror film plane is sitting in its hanger, sad, lonely, and totally unused. So we’re […]

As of this morning, I have new respect for people who have actually endured a hurricane; as part of the last gasps of Winter 2010, the Northeast is getting a rather severe little wave of weather events right about now, and where I live, that means rain and wind.  Mostly wind.  As in 60 mph […]



This should give you an idea as to just how pitifully out of the geek loop I’ve fallen; I just today heard that the beta for Starcraft 2 is out. Back in the old days, I would’ve been masturbating to the very thought of this date for weeks beforehand, and it’s unlikely that you’d be […]

Open Question


Allow me to pose to you an open question – a hypothetical. Let’s say you were eight feet tall.  Let’s say that you were eight feel tall, but not the sort of eight-footer that goes on TLC and requires long-term, intensive medical care; you’re not Guinness Book of Records eight feet, you’re National Basketball Association […]

Here are the two things I remember about the soon-to-be-departed Eddie House: 1) I remember the play that he made in the Eastern Conference Finals/NBA Finals in 2008 (see, right there, that should give you an idea of how good I’m doing on the memory front). During a Celtics’ offensive possession, the ball got tipped […]

Movie night’s my favorite night. Not only does it remind me how much I love my friends and how much I enjoy really poorly executed movies, it also keeps me aware of the fact that now we’re old enough to have to take time out of our real lives to hang out with each other, […]