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So I’m back from a week on a vacation; Marissa and I went on a seven-day Caribbean cruise.  It was wonderful.  There’ll likely be more to come from me about how it went, but this is the first thing I want to mention before I forget. I hate traveling.  Nothing about being on an airplane […]

I hereby nominate ‘Joaquin Phoenix leaps into crowd at hip-hip show’ as the coolest fucking headline I have ever read. Please, Joaquin, don’t be faking this meltdown – it’s too good. You are so much more interesting if you’re batshit crazy. Please. This: vs THIS: As if there’s any contest.

I was excited to hear that Fox is looking to reboot The Fantastic 4, because it neatly reaffirms everything that I imagine I know about the film industry. And that boils down to this: when something works, fucking do it all the time! I hate to blame people that have good ideas and execute them […]