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I’ve always thought that I should be employed in some capacity in marketing/advertising. I think that I’ve got a great mind for memorable slogans and ad campaigns, but, tragically, like Ween and Tim & Eric (yeah, there’s a great group of minds to group myself with), I think that most big companies simply lack the […]



Have you ever headbutted someone?

Charles Barkley


Taken from Bob Ryan’s column on this morning: Count me among the many who have been continually charmed by the great wit and candor of Charles Barkley. Count me, as well, among the many who fear we’ll be soon writing his obit if he doesn’t mend his wild-and-woolly, I-do-whatever-I-want ways. What a crock of […]

My driveway is more than a little narrow. The border on one side is our front porch, which juts out a little onto the pavement, and opposite that is the side of our neighbor’s house. It’s not hard to park there, but the close proximity of our stairway and our neighbor’s house can make it […]

me: Perhaps a recurring feature of some sort Perhaps an internet ram gigs Ryan: Internet+ram+gigs=?



There’s a new Jayne Anne Phillips novel. I want to fill a waterbed with the pretty words you sling, Jayne, and I want to just roll around in it.