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Fantastic choice. Have fun with that. My response? Please see EVERY HORROR MOVIE EVER MADE. You are setting into motion the real-life existence of Pinhead. Advertisements

I did some writing a little while back with the ever-stunning Ben Cunis, an old pal of mine and a veteran, actual working thespian now in the DC area. The picture above is the first production still (isn’t the jargon fucking fantastic? I’m going to go buy a director’s chair and a bottle of Scotch […]

I go to Subway for lunch a lot; because I get to choose what goes in the sandwhich and I see it made in front of me, I can fool myself into believing that somehow, against all logic and common knowledge, this cheese-bacon-chicken orb of meat is actually good for me.  Chicken, bacon, cheese!  Those […]

There are two emotional lenses through which I view my reading life. The first is legitimate excitement about books that I have, either borrowed or bought, that are laying around in stacks in my room, waiting to be read; I’ve heard about them from friends or relatives, I’ve browsed reviews, I’ve seen them on best-seller […]

Cosmic Debris


It’s worth noting, I think, that Zappa died on this day in 1993.  I stumbled upon him because old coworkers of mine from my time dishwashing used to talk about him not with the sort of reverence you might expected for a hugely influential composer and pop musician, but instead with the sort of fond […]