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Cribbed fromAndrew Sullivan (one of my favorites), the picture above should give you an idea of just how big, literally and metaphorically, the now-defeated bailout was. Everybody stock up on canned goods and magazines featuring snarky commentary on the exploits of your favorite celebrities. This is gonna be bad. Advertisements

Genius Money


I like to consider myself open-minded, especially when it comes to the creation of art. I want to give equal consideration to the value of any artistic creation, regardless of the medium, the artist, or the content itself; as I’ve said before, I just want to see the thing and then come to my own […]

This Is Water.


I’ve never read any of David Foster Wallace’s stuff, so I can’t mourn his death in the same profound, personal way a lot of media outlets have been in recent days. I will say that I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about his work, though, and I look forward to sifting through it what I’ve […]

Oh, fuck.


Don’t we have a bunch of nukes, laying around doing nothing?Point them at whatever this thing is, before it gets angry.



I’m usually pretty hesitant to get into any sort of political debate; there’s almost zero chance of ever coming out of such a conversation without being angry and having just socked somebody in the jaw. That said, there are two great pieces I’ve read this morning: one on the myth of American small town life […]

While sitting with Marissa in the Portsmouth bookstore last night, I was suddenly taken by the idea of starting a restaurant. What kind of a restaurant, you might ask? That’s simple – one whose dishes are named exclusively after mental health disorders. “Yes,” I said to her, miming someone in a drive-thru. “I’ll have an […]

This is the best rundown I’ve seen summarizing the beginning of experiments involving the Large Hadron Collider for people who haven’t gotten advanced degrees in particle physics.  Though none of the scenarios described here mention the particles in your face being ripped apart and imploded by a black hole, I’m going to go ahead and […]