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This movie stinks of too soon, is almost dripping with insufficient distance from its topic. I write about my life all the time, albeit with significant liberties taken in the amount of explosions and supermodels, and one of my chief concerns is always that I don’t yet have enough time between the event and my […]



I’ve spent the last few days pacing back and forth from my bay windows to a spot on the carpet directly in front of my television, where I crouch anxiously, bite my nails, and watch the weather reports while trying my best not to whimper like a goddamn little girl. Major news outlets are throwing […]

The Color Black


I gave Greg a hard time about printing a black and white document to the color printer in the office today. Why print that to the color printer? We have two others lined up directly next to it expressly intended for printing in black and white. I’m no conservationist, especially when it comes to ink, […]

It’s Willem Dafoe’s birthday today. I love Willem Dafoe. To be fair, I have an abiding affection for nearly all peculiar character actors, but Willem’s firmly on a special level, reserved for people whose first appearance on-screen in any movie makes me point happily at the screen like an idiot and yell, “Hey! Hey…!” You […]



There’s an old saying about summer in New Hampshire; it goes, “Holy fuck.” It’s pretty close to unbearable outside these days. The temperature hovers in the low to mid 80’s, which isn’t bad, but the humidity is registering daily at approximately 1,000. This is helpful for when I’m looking to work up a quick full-body […]