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1) Hillary Clinton done lost her damn mind. 2) It’s a good thing that Keith Olbermann doesn’t have easy access to a flamethrower. See below. Advertisements

Got Him Wrong


The brief account of the recent death of an old acquaintance of mine. I’m trying to think if I actually have a memory of Jason Marrer. I can get at the idea of him – standoffish is the word that comes to mind, perhaps unfairly – but I don’t know how accurate my memory is. […]

This isn’t a news flash if you’re a) from Utah, b) know someone from Utah, or c) have a functioning brain, but people in Utah have a way of being really, really huge assholes –especially at sporting events. The Utah Jazz are playing the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Playoffs right now; point guard […]

This is an old article about internet piracy I stumbled on a little while ago. It’s a few years old, but reading about the people behind The Pirate Bay is just as interesting/relevant today as it was in 2006.  People’s behavior is no different now than it was then in regards to file-sharing, and the […]

There was an interesting article in the New York Times this morning, which vigorously laments the lack of strong women in the spotlight during both the coming Summer action-movie blitz and in the more general firmament of “cool” movie roles. I come down half-agreeing with Dargis(the article’s author) on this one, and half shamefully, irrationally […]



I was disappointed to read this recently. It says, basically, that the legendary and still illegal Absinthe is really just a drink, and not really in possession of any of the long-rumored hallucinogenic effects that supposedly inspired any number of famously weird artists to paint and write and chop their fucking ears off. I’m disappointed […]